Helping Your Kids Develop More Self Discipline

Helping Your Kids Develop More Self Discipline

It’s never been easy to be a parent. And in today’s world, more challenges than ever are a problem. Bullying, the influence of other kids, and the fact that kids today often spend more than 6.5 hours a day staring a screen of some kind are all challenges parents have to face. You’re trying to mold your child into an adult and help them reach a point where they can thrive in the world.

One thing that is worth instilling in your children is the art of self-discipline. With the right self-discipline, your children will be able to face challenges as they grow, keep themselves focused and on task, and much more. In fact, many major think tanks agree that self-discipline is a key part of being truly successful.

But how do you help them master self-discipline effectively? There are a few steps that are worth taking that can make it more likely that your young ones will grow into adults who can manage their own thoughts, actions, and emotions. Here are some of the main ones.

Think, Then Act

Always think about what you are going to say before you say it, and work with your children to do the same. Kids can be very outspoken, and it’s important to show them that taking a moment to consider what they’re about to say and what impact it can have is incredibly important for anyone.

Give Them Self-Respect

It’s easy to be self-deprecating in today’s society. Many kids actually use it as a coping mechanism, and up to a point that’s okay. But you should work on making sure your kids aren’t talking bad about themselves regularly. Instead of them saying something like “I suck at this!”, try to encourage proactive thoughts like “I’m struggling now, but I’ll get the hang of this and be great at it.” Internal mindset can have a big impact on self-discipline.

Set Goals And Let Them Reach Them

Maybe it’s a rule that no screen time is allowed until daily chores are done, or that once per week they help you cook dinner. No matter what it actually is, set goals that your kids have to reach and be sure to tack on consequences. Then, let your children learn how to discipline themselves into doing what needs to be done.

Teach Them New Skills

Whether it’s something that can further, directly hone their self-discipline – such as martial arts – or something that will be an important life skill like cooking or changing a tire, consistently work with kids to help them develop new skills. This helps them feel more capable and more confident in their own abilities, which in turn can help them find the self-discipline they may be lacking.

Be The Example

Above all else, you need to be an example that your kids can emulate and strive to be like. You can also help them spot others with great character, such as store clerks, parents, teachers, and more. But they’ll always look at your actions and words to form their own personality, so be certain to be a shining example of self-discipline for your kids. It will rub off on them.

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